Italian SME's

Italian Small and Medium sized companies ("SMEs") usually have a turnover between € 15 and 50 million, they operate mostly in anti-cyclical sectors with a strong and sustainable competitive position in their niche markets with a significant orientation to exports, especially outside the EU.


In Europe, 90% of companies are SMEs.


Northern Italy,in particular, has the largest concentration of SMEs in Europe.

Many Italian SME's will face in the coming years a significant"turning point" due to impending generational change. It is estimated that over 70% of SMEs will face a problem of generational change in the next five years.


Italian SME's are tipically profitable companies which – albeit holding considerable product / process know-how – might considerably improve their performances through internationalization and / or managerial enhancement.


Italian enterprises’ size is lower than EU average.

The typical successful Italian company has the following features:

  • Controlled by one or a few founding families
  • Less than € 100 million turnover and 250 employees
  • Holds significant expertise / market shares in niche segments including tool machinery, light mechanical components, specialized chemicals, fashion etc.