Private Equity for foreign investors

Given the huge experience of CPI in originating and structuring  Private Equity deals on Italian SMEs, our organization can be an ideal partner to develop your business via mergers and acquisitions processes on Italian companies.


We can:

  • Perform a preliminary screening on the market to identify an ideal portfolio of investment opportunities
  • Perform a financial and business preliminary analysis on the targets
  • Get "softly"in touch with the counterparts' stakeholders to verify basic conditions for a deal (through our large network of contacts with entrepreneurs, local professionals, local banks, lawyers, small M&A firms, etc.)
  • Provide support  during the preliminary negotiations and the due diligence processes
  • Provide support in the final negotiations
  • Provide support in after completion integration processes

Please feel free to get in touch with us for further information and to evaluate or detailed track record in Private Equity deals.